MU3P-01 (USB power supply)

   General Specification :
 Input Voltage Range             110v to 240v
 Frequency  50/60 Hz
 Maximum USB Output  DC 5V,1500mA
 Maximum AC Output  240V, 10A
 Dimension (L x W x H)  8.5cm x 8.5cm x 4cm
 USB devices  Yes
 Generated to charge  All mobile phones that accept USB power including iPhone.
USB Wall Power Supply unit is composed of power button, USB port and 3Pin Socket. To charge mobile phone, tablet and other electronic goods, connect the product directly with the help of data cable and plug in the USB port to charge instead of using charger. A 3Pin Socket installed in the unit can be used for general electric connection.
- The appearance and size are the same as ordinary 3pin sockets.
- Wiring connection is also the same as ordinary 3pin sockets.
- This product is capable of charging any kind of digital products.
- Compatible with iPhone charging.
- This product is suitable to use in hotel, restaurant, home, public place, etc.; for the convenience of customers in charging digital products.

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